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To create a distinct profile for ourselves in this new area we have formed a joint venture with two renowned companies that can guarantee the quality we strive for.
This special symbiosis is grafted upon mutual trust, professional knowledge and years of experience. By joining forces we are able to fulfil your highest quality requirements.

Schrijen Lippertz

Drukkerij Schrijen Lippertz has been a concept in the printing world for several years now.
They are at the forefront and leaders in their field with a tradition of forging ahead.

D&L Graphics

D&L Graphics is exceptionally proficient in high quality, medically accurate drawings, medical photography and picture editing. Not only that, we are also specialists in the layout of professional and exclusive print work. Our company’s profile is one of a team that is constantly striving for perfection. Do you need anatomical illustrations? Surgical photography? A design for a symposium? Product development of a medical prosthesis product? Sections from CT and MRI scans? 3-D animations and modelling?
We can provide you with a database of ready-made medical and anatomical drawings in various styles. Feel free to ask about our options and conditions. We’ll be only too pleased to help.

Ph.D. Students: do you need a good design for your dissertation? We can take care of your manuscript, right through from the initial design to the production of a high quality thesis. New house style to cope with? Do you need individually tailored advice?

We offer all these services, to help you enrich your medical textbooks, publications, and surgical reports with superb, hand-drawn illustrations.

We put pen to paper... for quality!